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Queen D. [President/CEO, Radio D.J.] [TOP]

Queen D.Durriyyah Bey a.k.a. Queen D. is the President and CEO of nXphase Records. She is also a native of Camden, New Jersey who came to the Metropolitan area in August of 1991. Queen D has been a part of the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Queen is best known for her creative style and flair, from her own personal look to her clothing line The Queen D Collection; she is also the President and CEO of Creative Fashions by Queen D. Queen has worked closely with Alan Palmer in the music industry, entertaining crowds, developing new music artists and promotional material since 1996.

Queen has worked with many other record labels such as Sohlo Records and Circle 7 Records. Queen D. is a smart, very talented business woman; who writes, creates and produces music along with her love for creating unique clothing. Queen D is the other half that makes a whole of nXphase Records.

Queen D. is also the host and radio personality of several nXphase Records Radio shows such as, Make It or Break it, The Indie Artist Quiet Storm, The Indie Artist Unsung segment and Moorish Science with Grand Shiekess Durriyyah Bey.

Queen D.

streetPoet007 [Acting Theme Director, Radio D.J.] [TOP]


streetPoet007 is a radio personality and D.J. hosting the Radio Show "Ladies Nite" of nXphase Records Radio; born and raised in the city of Camden New Jersey, and for quite some time residing in Baltimore Maryland, the New Jersey native is now living in the 540 area code and district of Virginia.

streetPoet007 is also the acting theme director for most of nXphase Records' projects, being well versed in art, design and troubleshooting.

Shamsud Din Khatib-Bey


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