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nXphase Records has started a radio broadcast that is designed for the indie artist. Music submissions are sent to livefromthe540@hotmail.com, queend@nxphaserecords.com, or streetpoet007@nxphaserecords.com. All music must be in mp3, wma, wav format or send a cd with songs you would like us to review 3 song limit for submission to nXphase Records Make it or Break it 96 Tanterra Drive Stafford Va #22556. Our Goal each week on nXphase Records will be indie artist and playing their music live from the 540. We are also looking for Guest speakers in the Music Industry. So if you would like to participate. Submit your songs or interest in being a guest speaker with a brief Bio to live from 540@hotmail.com or queend@nxphaserecords.com.

On every Mon from 8-10 pm we have our Unsung Segment where we play the indie artist that make it out of our make it or break it segment with Queen D. Ladies Nite is ever Thursday from 6-8 pm with streetPoet007. Our Make it or Break Segment is every Saturday from 9-11 pm with Queen D. Every Sunday from 1-3 pm we have our Moorish Science Segment with GSKS: Durriyyah Bey.

These artist are Unsung and need to be heard.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments you can email at livefromthe540@hotmail.com or queend@nxphaserecords.com, streetPoet007@nxphaserecords.com Once your music is submitted and review you will receive a letter from our staff. At that time we will send you the links to each segment and update you on our shows. All shows will be archived for your listening pleasure

Good luck and welcome to our radio broadcast. www.blogtalkradio.com/queend7.

nXphase Records is a Indie Record Label and Radio show that plays music for the indie, unsung artist via internet radio, changing the way you listen to music, live from the 540.

We look forward to seeing you at the top!!!

Musically Yours

Queen D CEO nXphase Records/Radio

Sunday, June 06, 2010: Updates [TOP]

Lady Therile returns from Vacation in South Carolina on Memorial Day Weekend.

After putting in lots of hard work to share her musical style with neighboring states, Lady Therile and nXphase Records® have made it a mission to travel outside the district and spread the word. It can be quite amazing to experience the love and support that strangers to a certain genre will give, especially if the music artist is good; such as Lady Therile. So, from Friday - Sunday, May 28th, 29th and the 30thwe decided to take it to South Carolina on Memorial Day Weekend.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am...[more]

“The Official Bikefest 2010 at Atlantic Beach, SC. Music Video” [view], nXphase Records® at Bikefest 2010 on Memorial Day Weekend photo gallery [view]

Bebo.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]
Myxer.com (Lady Therile)
Reverbnation.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]

LP Album:
nXphaserecords.com/shop [BUY]
soundclick.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]
queendcollection.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]

Saturday, May 08, 2010: Updates [TOP]

Bikefest 2010Lady Therile heading to Bikefest 2010 on Memorial Day weekend.

Lady Therile is taking her musical talent to Bikefest 2010 in Atlantic Beach! This event marks a historical moment... [more]

Also, check out some of the many places to buy some of Lady Theriles more popular tunes.

Bebo.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]
Myxer.com (Lady Therile)
Reverbnation.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]

LP Album:
nXphaserecords.com/shop [BUY]
soundclick.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]
queendcollection.com (Lady Therile) [BUY]

Therile JusticeSaturday, March 27, 2010: Updates [TOP]

Lady Therile - Therile Justice CD Release/ Concert Hall.

Lady Therile rocks the house in celebration of her CD Release on the date of March 27th 2010. With every performance she gives, Lady Therile only get better and better, her potential for growth as an artist seems to have no limitation; and I am excited to see her go even farther with it!

For those who might not know this... [more]

Get your copy of "Therile Justice" Today! [BUY]

Tuesday, Febuary 16, 2010: Updates [TOP]

Upcoming Events from nXphase Records® - nXphase Recording Studios.

After enduring the unforgiving weather in the DMV area for several days, there hasn’t been much updating on what nXphase Records® has been doing publicly, however there is plenty to share concerning behind the scenes movement. As you may already know, Lady Therile’s CD release is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th 2010.Tickets are now online [BUY]!

What you may not know... [more]

Thursday, January 21, 2010: Updates [TOP]

The DMV Award Show at The Hampton Conference Center, Capital heights MD.

nXphase Records® made an appearance at the DMV Awards in Capital Heights Maryland. It was held at the Hampton Conference Center (207 West Hampton Place) on Sunday, January 17, 2010. Lady Therile made a red carpet appearance, and Kai Rashid made a special V.I.P. appearance as well. It was a very nice show, and a great way to show appreciation for... [more]

[Sneak peek, nXphase Records® DMV Awards]

Thursday, January 14, 2010: Updates [TOP]

Formal V.I.P. Listening Party concludes!

The V.I.P. Listening Party held for the review of songs from Lady Therile had positive reviews. It has been agreed upon which songs are likely to appear on the upcoming debut album “Therile Justice”. In addition to this, a date has to been set for Lady Therile’s album release party. This of course means that nXphase Records® will be throwing yet another big event to celebrate. More news as it develops. -street

Wednesday, December 30, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Kai Rashid with nXphase Records®

Big news! Kai Rashid is officially a new nXphase Records® recording artist! Only now am I able to give you the scoop, as things have been pretty chaotic over here at nXphase. With the big event coming up on the 9th of January, a lot of work is going into making this the event of a lifetime, and with the new year coming soon, what better way to celebrate then with nXphase Records®?!

Formal Listening Party [nXphase Records®] - [view]/ All Night after Party! [view]

Sunday, December 06, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Formal Listening Party [nXphase Records®] - [view]/ All Night after Party! [view]

   Queen D. and Alan Palmer of nXphase Records® invites you to an exclusive pre-album release “listening party” set for the date of Saturday, January 9, 2010. The event will be a formal “wine and cheese” social gathering, a place for networking, and an event to decide which songs will likely appear on Lady Therile’s Debut Album “Therile Justice”. All music industry bigwigs are welcome to attend. All V.I.P. guests are invited to the after-party Event free of charge. [Buy Tickets Online]

The social gathering will have... [more]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Wow, the wheels are really turning over here at nXphase Records®. Things have been so crazy over here, only NOW am I able to give you all an update on what’s been going down. The LIVE performance on November 13thwas everything I hoped it would be, it actually exceeded excellence! For everyone who came out to show support, thank you so much.

There is a preview... [more]

Friday, October 24, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Things have been pretty hectic over at nXphase Records®; with so many events and projects coming so close together, everyone’s running back and forth from state to state; people to see and things to do seems to be an understatement! Regardless of all of this, Lady Therile's live performance at Zanzibar on November 13thstill takes priority.

I guess nXphase is the label version of a hustler! [more]

Thursday, October 08, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Lady Therile is apparently “moving on up” to a deluxe performance in the sky, as the Live event is still at Zanzibar on November 13th of this year, but it will now take place in the “Sky Club”; a more private V.I.P. type of atmosphere. I know I already said I was excited about this event before, but now I can officially say I’m amped about it! I just can’t wait see the press release! (more)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Discussions about the timing of music release commenced for hours-on-end. A date was said to be scheduled after Lady Therile performs several more big shows, and probably a sell out show upon album release. As of now, Lady Therile is set to perform at Zanzibar, Waterfront on November 13th of this year. I was personally excited to hear this, and my ticket is already paid up! (more)

Monday, September 21, 2009: Updates [TOP]

The new album from music artist Lady Therile is currently being formatted. Plans for album release are scheduled for January—February of 2010. With her original sound and top tier lyrics, it will be no surprise if her album flies off the shelves upon release. We are excited about this new project and will do our very best keep you up to date whenever possible.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009: Updates [TOP]

It’s not everyday that you get to listen to real, soulful, from the roots hip-hop. Things just aren’t like they used to be back-in-the-day. Today I had the pleasure of hearing several musical tracks from nXphase Records® artist Lady Therile; I must say, I was rather impressed (and I’m not easily impressed). I don’t really know if there are any artists out now to compare her to, maybe that’s good.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009: Updates [TOP]

Musical genius/engineer Alan Palmer joins up with nXphase Records® and immediately starts up with his “business as usual” persona, as if it where no surprise. The new artist to join the label in association with a few other “heads” proves an interesting situation. Considering the unique cast of characters that managed to group together, it will be amazing to see what they do next; especially Queen D.


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